The following businesses offer discounts to Veterans.  Simply show your Veteran ID Card and SAVE!
Each year on Veteran's Day, many restaurant chains large and small offer free meals and or discounts and as this year's has passed, they are not mentioned as they are plentiful and  voluminous. 
Daily, all you need to do in many cases is [ASK] for a Veterans's discount. Many retailers and providers of services are more than generous and will gladly oblige. To name a few, are Autozone and other parts stores, Lowe's and Home Depot, to hotels, service providers, including Verizon, among others. Many on-line retailers and providers also do the same if you simply ask and in some cases provide your Veteran's ID, VA Card, retired or dependent card or active duty, guard or reserve ID.
While we are not [guaranteed] any discounts, as stated most businesses offer a varying degree of them. This can save not only tax in most cases but a substantial amount in your overall bill for services or products. Be proud, be kind, and courteous and ASK!